The global economy thrives on globalization and the increasing interdependence of finance, production, consumption and trade. Such integration has reduced poverty, yet varying national policies along with ever-increasing speed of transactions and market news have also contributed to imbalances, both among nations and within. Regulations often do not keep pace in managing cross-border debt, foreign direct investment, corporate practices, tax codes or economic bubbles. The eurozone crisis and the US subprime mortgage crisis have demonstrated that one nation’s problems and panic can spread like wildfire. Nations must combine a competitive spirit with cooperation to achieve stable economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

Is India Emerging as France of Asia?

Warming Sino-Indian relationship tells the US that India is not an unconditional ally
Alyssa Ayres
November 21, 2006

Capitalism: One Size Does Not Suit All

Shaped by many cultures, some forms of capitalism are more palatable to anti-globalization activists than others
Pranab Bardhan
December 7, 2006

Man and His Endangered Home

Our pursuit of growth and luxury may leave us homeless
Bo Ekman
September 28, 2006

Globalization Hits Road Bumps in India

Appalling governance and populism combine to block reform and deter economic integration with the world
Pranab Bardhan
October 3, 2006

Chávez-China Oil Deal May Produce Unsuspected Winners

More sources of oil could provide global energy security
Trevor Houser
September 7, 2006

¿Vender crisis humanitarias?

Clifford Bob
February 21, 2006


The world’s seventh largest economy – Brazil – is flailing
January 8, 2016

Treasuries Extend Global-Debt Rally on China, US Growth Worry

Manufacturing woes, especially in China, could disrupt Fed’s plan to normalize rates
Ari Altstedter and Allison McNeely
January 5, 2016

Tax Can End Africa’s Aid Dependency

Activists seek reforms to reduce corruption and tax evasion
Benjamin Fox
December 24, 2015

How the Fed's Rate Hikes May Impact Asia

Additional hikes could disrupt investments for exporting nations and those with high levels of debt
December 20, 2015

Biggest 2016 Risk May Be the One Just Behind Us: Oil

Oil could dip as low as $20 per barrel
Mike Dolan
December 9, 2015