The global economy thrives on globalization and the increasing interdependence of finance, production, consumption and trade. Such integration has reduced poverty, yet varying national policies along with ever-increasing speed of transactions and market news have also contributed to imbalances, both among nations and within. Regulations often do not keep pace in managing cross-border debt, foreign direct investment, corporate practices, tax codes or economic bubbles. The eurozone crisis and the US subprime mortgage crisis have demonstrated that one nation’s problems and panic can spread like wildfire. Nations must combine a competitive spirit with cooperation to achieve stable economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

Why Dollar Hegemony Is Unhealthy

The world’s dangerous dependence on the US dollar risks hurting all
Thomas I. Palley
June 20, 2006

Europe Faces Globalization – Part II

Denmark invests in an adaptable workforce, thus reducing fear of change
Bruce Stokes
May 18, 2006

Transcript of “The Disposable American: Layoffs and Their Consequences”

Transcript of Nayan Chanda's interview with Louis Uchitelle, economics writer for “The New York Times”
May 30, 2006

Battle Over Steel Exposes Europe’s Globalization Dilemma

Avoiding takeover by Mittal, Europe’s leading steelmaker could jump out of the frying pan into the fire
Jonathan Fenby
June 1, 2006

East Asia’s Troubled Waters – Part I

History aside, Chinese-Japanese conflict now plays out over gas and oil reserves in the East China Sea
Wenran Jiang
April 25, 2006

Renminbi Joins the IMF’s Reserve-Currency Basket

The move is symbolic as few goods or services are priced with IMF special drawing rights
December 1, 2015

The World's Multi-Trillion Dollar Bond Market Is Circling the Drain

Risk moves throughout the global system, and some holders of corporate debt are nervous
Ben Wright
November 23, 2015

There Is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS

Freeze assets, stop weapons sales to Gulf States that nurture extremism
Charles P. Pierce
November 20, 2015

G20 Leaders Endorse Crackdown on Tax Evasion

G20 members commit to “automatic” exchanges to prevent tax evasion
November 18, 2015

Is It Time for Global Money?

Such a currency may not be feasible, but tools are available to promote financial stability
Larry Hatheway and Alexander Friedman
November 18, 2015