Innovation is the source of economic prosperity and global progress, simplifying routines and enriching quality of life. The internet has fundamentally altered how the world works, communicates and thinks. The global information revolution has ushered in a new era of global conversations, cooperation and crowd-sourcing among researchers, speeding the spread of new ideas and technologies in every discipline. Researchers race to develop energy alternatives, synthetic biology, transportation improvements, environmental protections or cures for disease. Governments must keep up pace with funding of education and infrastructure as well as regulations on patents, immigration, intellectual property protections and more.

Rethinking Science Aid

Donors should take an "innovation" rather than a "research" approach to designing scientific and technological aid programs
Keith Bezanson
January 10, 2005

Asian Nations Seek Private Funds for "Virtual Institute"

ASEAN fights to save an online scientific training program
Mary Charlotte Fresco
December 6, 2004

The Patent Controversy

By rushing through its patents legislation, India could be hurting its own interests and the world's poor
Rajeev Dhavan
December 10, 2004

US Visa Rules Deter Chinese researchers

Tough rules for foreign students in America turn off important research partners
Catherine Brahic
December 14, 2004

Is America Losing Its Edge?

Globalization is a double-edged sword for US superiority in the technology sector
Adam Segal
November 17, 2004