Innovation is the source of economic prosperity and global progress, simplifying routines and enriching quality of life. The internet has fundamentally altered how the world works, communicates and thinks. The global information revolution has ushered in a new era of global conversations, cooperation and crowd-sourcing among researchers, speeding the spread of new ideas and technologies in every discipline. Researchers race to develop energy alternatives, synthetic biology, transportation improvements, environmental protections or cures for disease. Governments must keep up pace with funding of education and infrastructure as well as regulations on patents, immigration, intellectual property protections and more.

Galileo, Fusion Energy Propel India, EU "Strategic Partnership"

Allies collaborate on technological advances, countering US dominance
Siddharth Varadarajan
November 9, 2004

R & D: India's New Star Industry

Off shoring of research and development activities an integral facet of global business
Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
April 10, 2004

Developing Nations Begin to Embrace Internet Commerce

Developing nations expand their telecommunications infrastructure to tap into the growth of internet commerce
Bod Tedeschi
November 23, 2003

Biotech Crops Could Help Poor Farmers, U.N. Says

Report cites 'Clear Promise' to ease global hunger, but pushes for more
Justin Gillis
May 17, 2004

Wireless Web Reaches into Paradise

A remote island gets internet access
Gareth Mitchell
May 18, 2004