Globalization wields powerful influence over societies and cultures. Business travelers and tourists both observe and distribute new ideas. New ideas, interactions, foods and products are tried, then embraced or discarded. With the internet or satellite television, films, publications, photographs, news reports and cartoons can travel instantly, entertaining or angering audiences around the globe. With social media like Facebook or Twitter, individuals offer news and own instant pronouncements on trends. Whether slowly through immigration or immediately online, these connections bring about some convergence of norms on fashion to human rights while also provoking challenges from traditionalists. A global society has emerged, and it’s tightly linked.

No Lack of Fake Luxuries

No sign that the trade will be eradicated any time soon
Jin Hyun-joo
June 3, 2004

Indonesia's Shameful Export

Poverty, ignorance and, unenforced laws fuel an industry that has sold 70,000 children into prostitution overseas
Devi Asmarani
June 8, 2004

All Over an Inch of Flesh

As France bans Muslim headscarves in schools, controversy abounds
October 23, 2003

Elderly Immigrants Embrace Nursing Homes

In the US, nursing homes are becoming increasingly popular among Asians
Sarah Kershaw
October 20, 2003

State Department Rights Report Released After Delay

Friends and foes held to the same standards we hold ourselves, says U.S. deputy secretary of State
Salamander Davoudi
May 18, 2004