Globalization wields powerful influence over societies and cultures. Business travelers and tourists both observe and distribute new ideas. New ideas, interactions, foods and products are tried, then embraced or discarded. With the internet or satellite television, films, publications, photographs, news reports and cartoons can travel instantly, entertaining or angering audiences around the globe. With social media like Facebook or Twitter, individuals offer news and own instant pronouncements on trends. Whether slowly through immigration or immediately online, these connections bring about some convergence of norms on fashion to human rights while also provoking challenges from traditionalists. A global society has emerged, and it’s tightly linked.

Nationalism in Sports

In a globalized world, don't just cheer for the home team
Cho Se-Hyon
April 6, 2004

Party's Over

With foreign belly dancers banned from performing in Egypt, the industry struggles to meet the demand
Reem Nafie
March 8, 2004

74 Illegal Immigrants Held in Surprise Raid in Abu Dhabi

Surprise raids scarcely disguise xenophobia and anxiety over foreigners
Muawia E. Ibrahim
March 24, 2004

The Knowledge Economy

The South may appear to have shaken off the colonial North, but in Egypt research is big business and money is influence
Mustafa Kamel El-Sayed
February 25, 2004

A Global Generation Gap

A global generation gap surrounds globalization, nationalism, and immigration
February 24, 2004