K-Pop Fans Use Internet for Black Lives Matter: Vox

The video of George Floyd, pleading for his life, handcuffed and his neck under a police officer’s knee, has moved the world to denounce unequal justice and police abuses. “Across the internet, supporters of Black Lives Matter are weaponizing tweets, posts, and hashtags to spread information, protect protesters, and derail racist rhetoric,” reports Aja Romano for Vox. Originating in South Korea before becoming popular worldwide, K-pop includes hip-hop, jazz and other African-American influences. The fan base is active on social media, known for finding popular hashtags and mischievously inserting unrelated video close-ups, known as fancams, of K-pop stars. Now, this army of fans flood police tip lines and disrupt posts from white supremacists, sending out fancams with the hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter. The goal is to over-run such hashtags, making them useless. Other techniques include using clickbait to draw attention to serious reports, inserting copyrighted Disney material into problematic posts to encourage removal, and donating ad revenue from YouTube and other channels. “All of these methods of virtual and real-world support reveal the individual quirks and cultures of many different platforms, apps, and internet communities,” Romano writes. “The more varied, messy, and decentralized the internet is, the more versatile it is.” – YaleGlobal

K-Pop Fans Use Internet for Black Lives Matter: Vox

K-pop fans support the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, overrunning white supremacists’ posts and police tip lines with images of dancing stars
Aja Romano
Monday, June 8, 2020

Read the article from Vox about K-pop fans' support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Aja Romano is a culture staff writer for Vox reporting on internet culture.

Distribution of K-Pop Views on YouTube by Country, June 2019: Others	32% Malaysia	3% Mexico	4% Brazil	4% Philippines	7% Japan 7% US 7% Vietnam 7% Thailand	8% Indonesia	10% S Korea	10%
Far reach: K-pop fans are spread around the globe, a reason for genre's success (Source: Statista)

Post by Actually_a_Kpop_stan Hi racist idiots this Oh Sehun (three men dancing)
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Post from migue: sorry racists go stan junkook instead #whitelivesmatter stream 'still with you' by jungkook while you're at it
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