First Contact

China flirted with globalization six centuries before the WTO
Aparisim Ghosh
October 10, 2002

The Internet: China's Window to the World

Do politics and technology make for strange bedfellows in China?
Guo Liang
November 18, 2002

Is Southeast Asia Becoming China’s Playpen?

As China gains strategic advantage in Southeast Asia, the region seeks balance
Sheng Lijun
January 11, 2007

Is India Emerging as France of Asia?

Warming Sino-Indian relationship tells the US that India is not an unconditional ally
Alyssa Ayres
November 21, 2006

Pyongyang: Let’s Talk, But Change the Subject

Nuclear North Korea returns to the negotiating table in the hope of consolidating its gain through bipartite talks with the US
Nayan Chanda
November 7, 2006

Viewed From Chinese Border, North Korea Is More Curiosity Than Threat

Confident in their government’s ability to control an old ally, the Chinese remain unruffled about North Korea’s nuclear program
Lauren Keane
November 9, 2006

China Is the De Facto Leader of Globalization

Xi Jinping is ready to lead policies on shaping globalization and fighting climate change
Nathan Gardels
January 13, 2017

The Search for a Past

After a long search for birth parents in China, a woman prepares an online manual to help others
Cathy Shufro
January 12, 2017

China Groups Take Out Insurance Against Blocking of Foreign Deals

The firms anticipate increasing protectionism
Henry Sender
January 12, 2017

Are Chinese Enterprises Being Taxed to Death?

China collects the bulk of its taxes from producers
Zhang Jun
January 10, 2017

To Confront North Korea, Talk First and Get Tough Later

ICBM program under development is lower priority than preserving the Kim regime
William J. Perry
January 9, 2017