East Asia’s Troubled Waters – Part II

Japan and South Korea clash over fish, iffy energy resources and two rocks
Peter Beck
April 27, 2006

East Asia’s Troubled Waters – Part III

Chinese forced-labor victims press Japan to embrace emerging international standards of accountability
William Underwood
May 2, 2006

East Asia’s Troubled Waters – Part I

History aside, Chinese-Japanese conflict now plays out over gas and oil reserves in the East China Sea
Wenran Jiang
April 25, 2006

The US and China: Friends or Foes? – Part II

With a booming economy, China takes steps to spread its wealth
Daniel H. Rosen
April 20, 2006

The US and China: Friends or Foes? – Part I

Confronting a long list of major issues, the presidents might go beyond cant at Washington summit
David Shambaugh
April 18, 2006

Hard Work, Furtive Living: Illegal Immigrants in Japan

Japan needs, but does not welcome, migrant help
Sharon Noguchi
March 2, 2006

China Set to Rescue Australia Economy at Just the Right Time

An increase in commodity prices bodes well for the future
Michael Heath
December 9, 2016

Foreign Companies Face New Clampdown for Getting Money Out of China

New controls could speed up withdrawals and deter foreign investment
James T. Areddy and Lingling Wei
December 8, 2016

Korea Unveils Road Map to Curb Carbon Emissions

South Korea plans to double investment in clean energy research before 2030
Shin Hyon-hee
December 6, 2016

China's Shrinking Workforce Affects Economic Transition, Expert Says

Size of China’s workforce declines for three straight years, and could delay shift to service economy
Coco Feng
November 23, 2016

South Korea’s Park Faces Existential Question of Survival

Park’s term ends with 2017, and early resignation could shift policies on North Korea
Donald Kirk
November 18, 2016