One-Time Highways to Growth Take a Toll on the Japanese Economy

A small change – reducing road tolls – could ease urban concentration and fortify the Japanese economy
Yasuyo Yamazaki
March 16, 2006

Keeping North Korea from the Brink – Part I

US must recognize the limits of Beijing’s ability - and willingness - to pressure Pyongyang beyond a point
Peter Beck
February 14, 2006

Educating for the 21st Century – Part I

Aiming to increase the allure of its universities, China pursues foreign students
Sara Schlemm
January 12, 2006

The East Asia Summit: More Discord than Accord

Is the new East Asian Community (EAC) the first step towards a united region, or an irritant to old rivalries?
Mohan Malik
December 20, 2005

US-Vietnam: Discreet Friendship Under China’s Shadow

The absence of any strategic conflict and important areas of strategic convergence should see it grow
Raymond Burghardt
November 22, 2005

Indonesian Democracy’s Enemy Within

Radical Islamic party threatens Indonesia with ballots more than bullets
Sadanand Dhume
December 1, 2005

Japan Races to Become the Robot Capital of the World

China has the the highest total of robots, representing about 30 percent of market share
Alisa Yamasaki
November 11, 2016

China Bars Activists From Taking Seats in Hong Kong Legislature

The move limits independent governance for Hong Kong
Jason Thomson
November 8, 2016

Xi Turns Sights on Wayward Senior Leaders in China Graft Fight

China has punished more than 1 million officials since Xi took office
November 3, 2016

Asia Needs to Spell Out Changes They Want in International Monetary System

Ongoing criticisms without constructive proposals will go ignored
Barry Eichengreen
October 31, 2016

In Your Phone, In Their Air

Demand is growing for lithium batteries, and pollution infiltrates Chinese villages with graphite factories
Peter Whoriskey
October 28, 2016