Rising Dragon and the American Eagle – Part II

China is on the rise – but US influence in Asia shows no signs of waning
Robert Sutter
April 22, 2005

Rising Dragon and the American Eagle – Part I

China's growing economic power and diplomatic clout may portend a turning of the tide against the US in Asia
David Shambaugh
April 20, 2005

China-India Entente Shifts Global Balance

By shaking off a socialist past and deepening bilateral cooperation, the two giants could push globalization in a new direction
Clyde Prestowitz
April 15, 2005

Nationalism Pits Shanghai Against its Global Ambition

Anti-Japanese demonstrations expose conflicting interests and force the city to choose
James Farrer
April 29, 2005

Internet Fans Flames of Chinese Nationalism

Beijing faces dilemma as anti-Japanese campaign in cyberspace hits the streets
Paul Mooney
April 4, 2005

China Can Gain from Unshackling its Currency

Washington's pressure may be unwelcome, but a revaluation of the renminbi could ultimately benefit China
Rob Trudel
April 8, 2005

Abenomics: What Japan’s Economic Experiment Can Teach the Rest of the World

Does fiscal expansion delay structural reforms?
August 16, 2016

Consumers Unlikely to Rescue China's Sputtering Economy

Many Chinese households balk at taking on more debt
Huang Zhilong
August 2, 2016

Chinese Language Newspapers in Australia

Non-Chinese speakers don’t realize how much propaganda is released within their own borders
Kelsey Munro and Philip Wen
July 13, 2016

Hague Tribunal Rejects Beijing’s Claims in South China Sea

Diplomacy is essential as no enforcement mechanism is in place
Jane Perlez
July 12, 2016

Why Economic Sanctions Have Failed Against North Korea

Global cooperation on strict enforcement are required
Dursun Peksen
July 11, 2016