Chinese Cell Phone Breaches North Korean Hermit Kingdom

Cell phone technology is poised to re-shape the North Korean world view - seen through the Chinese peephole
Rebecca MacKinnon
January 17, 2005

China's African Safari

Besides buying energy and commodities, China is also trying to win hearts and minds in a continent embittered by colonial experience
Paul Mooney
January 3, 2005

Asia Holds the Key to the Future of GM Food

Wary Asian consumers may decide how much genetically modified food will reach the world's dinner tables
John Feffer
December 2, 2004

Taiwan Averts a Crisis

The Opposition victory in the legislature slows the move towards independence, but tension remains
Jonathan Fenby
December 13, 2004

Time to Prick the Dollar Balloon, Gently

As the US debt mounts, lender countries may have to work together to ensure a soft landing
David Dapice
October 27, 2004

US Election and the World – Part III

Asians, puzzled by the Bush re-election, wonder what the future holds
Arnold Zeitlin
November 12, 2004

E-Commerce and Crowdfunding: Why Are They the Same in China?

Legal and economic uncertainty prompts Chinse investors to hunt for alternatives
Julien Legrand
May 20, 2016

The Great Wall of Sand

Ongoing disagreement over China’s broad claims in the South China Sea China destabilize the region
Jonathan Fenby
May 20, 2016

American Apathy: Voters’ Aversion to Foreign Entanglements Bodes Ill for Stability in Asia

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the presumptive nominees, and Bernie Sanders still wins states
Nayan Chanda
May 18, 2016

Philippines’ Next President: Implications for ASEAN

Voters select bluster over government expertise
Mely Caballero-Anthony
May 11, 2016

China’s Water Hegemony

China rejects the notion of water-sharing treaties with neighbors
Brahma Chellaney
May 5, 2016