Factory Farming Blamed for Massive Bird Flu Outbreak: Experts

Crowded conditions for poultry accelerate the spread of disease
Kim Da-sol
January 6, 2017

Bird Flu Strain in China “Passed Between Humans”

Researchers remain vigilant for signs of an emerging epidemic
August 9, 2013

H7N9 Bird Flu Is “Serious Threat,” Researchers Warn

Unpredictable viruses can mutate in days
James Gallagher
May 3, 2013

WHO Puzzled by Deadly Chinese Bird-Flu Strain

Researchers focus on how H7N9 flu is spread
Esther Fung
April 22, 2013

CDC Begins Work on Vaccine for China Flu

China posts H7N9 code online; US builds synthetic DNA for vaccine
Donald G. McNeil Jr, Andrew Jacobs
April 8, 2013

Is a Pandemic Being Born?

Mysterious deaths of pigs and people may be connected
Laurie Garrett
April 4, 2013