How Academic Flap Hurt World Effort on Chinese Bird Flu

Scientists seeking credit could slow the development of an avian-flu vaccine
Nicholas Zamiska
February 27, 2006

Asian Countries Gear Up to Tackle Bird-Flu Threat

But doubt remains as to how open or effective Asian governments will be
Nicholas Zamiska
November 4, 2005

The Spreading Bird-Flu Menace Reaches Europe

Even a quickly contained outbreak could have sweeping consequences
October 21, 2005

Migrant Birds "Should Not Be Bird Flu Scapegoats"

Scientists warn against actions that may push species into extinction
Mike Shanahan
October 26, 2005

China Bug – Is It Ebola-like Bird Flu?

Hidden behind censored reports by provincial authorities, a frightening picture of bird flu in China
Andy Ho
July 28, 2005

Containing a Pandemic

Two studies suggest it may be possible to prevent a global outbreak of deadly influenza by using anti-viral drugs
August 5, 2005

Avian Flu Found in Migrating Geese in China

Scientists fear birds may transport the avian flu virus worldwide
Stephen Smith
July 7, 2005