Killing the Chickens Before They Kill Us

Creative efforts are underway to prevent the spread of avian flu in Asia
Gerald Traufetter
July 13, 2005

Bird Flu Spreads Among Java's Pigs

Indonesian government scrambles to track disease
David Cyranoski
May 27, 2005

Preparing for a New Global Threat – Part I

Urgent and coordinated action is needed to head off mutation of avian influenza into a new Spanish Flu
David Heymann
January 26, 2005

Preparing for a New Global Threat – Part II

When the next wave of influenza hits, the world's poor will stand to lose the most
Thomas Abraham
January 28, 2005

How Dangerous is the Bird Flu?

A science writer addresses commonly asked questions
Laurie Garrett
February 6, 2004

Genetic Analyses Suggest Bird Flu Virus is Evolving

A troubling discovery: In northern Vietnam, the avian flu virus may be mutating
Dennis Normile
June 2, 2005

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Avian flu may be the next global health crisis – and the world isn't ready
Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D, M.P.H.
May 5, 2005