Obama and the Illusion of Leadership

Leaders have little control over global forces that do not value social or economic justice
Jeremy Seabrook
July 28, 2008

Texas Execution Plan Defies Hague Order

US leaders have little control over Texas in demanding respect for international treaty
Suzanne Goldenberg
August 5, 2008

Too Big to Fail?

Foreign entities still support frenzied US borrowing and spending – but that may not last for long
Peter S. Goodman
July 24, 2008

Time for a Global Town-Hall Meeting?

US voters could best assess the presidential candidates, under the fire of foreign questions
Jeffrey Garten
June 19, 2008

Picking Judges: A Lasting Presidential Legacy

The presidential power to appoint judges should not be underestimated by voters
Linda Chavez
May 30, 2008

Big Issues for the Next President

Candidates with courage should confront the growing inequality and anxiety
David Wessel
June 30, 2008

Obama, McCain Campaigns Go Global

Candidates pursue gravitas abroad to win votes at home
Linda Feldmann
July 8, 2008