Waiting For Obama: The First Global Election

Global citizens hope for a US president who promotes economic security and peace
Derek Shearer
June 23, 2008

US Election Grabs Intense Interest Overseas

Interest in the presidential elections is not limited to the US
June 12, 2008

A Message From Obama for Those Infuriating Europeans

Closer cooperation with Europe must be a two-way street
Philip Stephens
July 21, 2008

Overseas, Excitement Over Obama

A young candidate’s rise signals that the US appreciates diversity, openness and change
Kevin Sullivan
June 5, 2008

The Global Abortion Bind

A woman’s right to choose gives way to sex-selection abortions and dangerous gender imbalances
Joseph Chamie
May 29, 2008

As Obama Takes Office, Global Press Turns to Regional Concerns

Obama inaugurates a global moment where hope outshines doubt
Richard Wike
January 23, 2009