The Power of Negative Thinking

Planning ahead in case the worst happens can be wise
Barbara Ehrenreich
September 29, 2008

When Judges Make Foreign Policy

Law sets the direction for how nations engage with the world
Noah Feldman
October 2, 2008

FCC Vote on "White Spaces" to Be Delayed?

In cutting the analog-signal cord, countries must decide best use for leftover space
Cyrus Farivar
October 28, 2008

Islamic Challenge to Indonesia’s Democracy

Democracy remains highly vulnerable to determined anti-democratic movements
Sadanand Dhume
October 15, 2008

Bail Out the Poor

Onlookers scratch their heads about the speed behind a bailout for Wall Street, but not for the starving poor
Ramzy Baroud
October 24, 2008

A Muslim Creationism Debate: Taking on Darwin in Turkey

Some religious leaders overstep their bounds, using the complexity of science to delude followers
Daniel Steinvorth
September 26, 2008

American Exception: US Court Is Now Guiding Fewer Nations

The world’s oldest constitutional court ignores opinions of its many offspring, and the feeling has become mutual
Adam Liptak
September 23, 2008