China’s Aggressive Stance Reveals Lack of Coordination

To avoid tensions over sea claims, China needs a national security council
Terry McCarthy
December 5, 2012

Gaza: Old Struggle, New Realities

Rising regional powers bring new intensity to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Rami G. Khouri
November 23, 2012

Is China Up to the Challenge?

China’s leaders know reform is needed, but are trapped by old formulas for success
David Shambaugh
November 21, 2012

An American President in the Age of Globalization

The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama is dream to some, nightmare to others
Strobe Talbott
November 19, 2012

China’s Boomerang Diplomacy

China’s treatment of East Asian neighbors hits back and undermines its peaceful development
Stein Tønnesson
November 16, 2012

Iran’s Nuclear Program: Handle With Care

Iran should understand it signals strength by backing away from nuclear- weapons program
Jamsheed K. Choksy, Carol E. B. Choksy
November 14, 2012

Obama’s Global Challenges

On most issues, Obama faces divisions at home and with allies
Bruce Stokes
November 9, 2012