The EU's First-Ever Security Doctrine

In the wake of squabbles over Iraq, Europe unites under a common foreign policy.
Shada Islam
July 4, 2003

There is More to Transatlantic Relations Than Security

It is time for the US to strengthen the economic common ground with Europe.
Jeffrey E. Garten
July 9, 2003

Europe Looks East – Part II

European leaders find it easier to get tough on China rather than develop adjustment strategies
Shada Islam
February 1, 2008

Blame It on Globalization

West European countries need to reform welfare policies for domestic reasons
David Pozen
May 21, 2003

European Union’s Southern Drive

Expansion plan eyes 'southern mediterranean' states and Middle East
Shada Islam
May 30, 2003

The Roots of Anti-Americanism in Germany

European disapproval of the US extends beyond the war itself
Dominic Sachsenmaier
April 30, 2003