Kosovo’s Independence Could Mean a New Conflict

By avoiding empty sovereignty, Kosovo could lay down the foundation for its prosperity
Humphrey Hawksley
November 5, 2007

Sarkozy, The Ambivalent Globalizer

France continues an old pattern, pursuing globalization abroad but stopping foreign traders at its border
Jonathan Fenby
November 9, 2007

American Bombs in Iraq Show Up Fractures in Europe

Anglo-American war against Iraq weakens the European Union
Shada Islam
March 21, 2003

Russia Plays the Oil Card with a Divided Europe

Despite opposition from new members of the EU, desperate for energy, Europeans give in to Moscow
Shada Islam
May 24, 2007

France: Waiting for Reform

Sarkozy has won with the promise of change, but genuine reform depends on the will of French citizens
Patrick Sabatier
May 8, 2007

Franco-German Shot at US Punctures Dream of European Power

NATO tussle over Iraq undermines European Union expansion plan
Shada Islam
February 14, 2003