Is France Cooling Toward Its Arab Friends?

France’s strategic alliance with the Arab world could unravel after the presidential election
Pascal Boniface
April 18, 2007

Big Bang Expansion of the European Union

Adding 75 million people to the European Union is no small affair
Shada Islam
January 28, 2003

Can Europe Age Gracefully? – Part I

Rejecting Turkey could signal more doubt about the EU's ability to spur reform rather than Turkey's readiness to adapt
Shada Islam
March 21, 2007

Can Europe Age Gracefully? – Part II

Europe has proven the worth of democracy and integration, but is in no mood to celebrate
Jean-Pierre Lehmann
March 23, 2007

A Clash of Civilizations in Europe?

Sensitivity over every perceived slight to religion pits Islam against European secularism
Patrick Sabatier
October 17, 2006

An Interview With Claus Frederiksen

Danish minister of employment describes how the nation’s policy of “flexicurity” counters fears about globalization
September 26, 2006