A Retreat from Great Europe? – Part I

After the French "Non," the EU will have difficulty in reforming the economy or expanding the Union
Shada Islam
May 31, 2005

A Retreat from Great Europe? – Part II

The EU leaders must inspire their citizens with their vision of a democratic Europe
John Brenkman
June 2, 2005

Reality Check for European Union

A French "no" vote on the new constitution would be a blow to the fledgling organization
Jonathan Fenby
April 27, 2005

Europe's Second Thoughts on China Embargo

Trouble over planned arms sales may eventually result in closer US-European coordination
François Godement
March 25, 2005

The Atlantic Divide over Fighting Terrorism

Spain's commemoration of the so-called "M-11" terrorist bombings underlines stark differences with the post-9/11 US reaction
Jonathan Schell
March 16, 2005

Bush's Conversion on the Road to Tehran

In a tactical change of course, Washington joins the EU in offering "carrots" to Iran
Philip H. Gordon
March 18, 2005

Spiegel Online: Libyan Camps for Refugees Are Not the Answer

Florian Gathmann, Walter Mayr, Veit Medick, Peter Müller and Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt
August 18, 2017

Spiegel Online: “Made in Germany” Label Badly Damaged By Car Scandal

Susanne Amann, Sven Becker, Kristina Gnirke, Peter Müller, Michaela Schießl and Gerald Traufetter
August 8, 2017